FOCUS PROJECT 2019: Support Breast and Cervical Cancer Survivors

Cancer. Still one of the most frightening diagnosis one can receive. While certain forms are openly discussed, others are still stigmatized. Like breast cancer. Or cervical cancer. Affected women not only have to fight their disease, they are left alone with their fears, thoughts.
This project encourages women to talk about it. For themselves and for others. To show that they survived and to show others that they are not alone.

At November 3rd, IWA members attended an event which is supporting breast cancer survivors in Lanchkuti and Chokhatauri Regions. The message of the event? „Continue the history and win“!
The main goal of the event and photo session is to strengthen survivors and to support them with an information campaign.

More than 55 survivors (breast and cervical cancer) were involved in the psychological and physical rehabilitation program. For monitoring their healtch conditions (check ups) they were also financially supported by local governments.

To tear down the wall of silence, they spoke frankly about their stories and experiences. For themselves and to help others to break the stigma about cancer. To raise awareness, to spread the news and to show that none of them is standing alone, media journalists, company „Marigold“ and girls football team – champions of Georgia 2019 – united and participated at the joint photo session with breast cancer survivors.

The event was supported by the Municipalities Lanchkuti and Chokhatauri, Ninoshvili ́s Museum in Lanchkuti, local theatre troupe and small business groups.

„The goal of the project is to improve breast cancer outcomes in Georgia, to strengthen regional units of Winner Women ´s Club and to provide physical and pschological rehabilitation programs for gerional breast cancer surviors.“
So. Go strong, Winner Women ́s Club „Support Breast and Cervical Cancer Survivors in the regions of Georgia!

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