CM January 29 – 2020

Coffee Morning hosted by Yoko Shimo, Sally Ackerman & Elahe Forghani

Written by Tamara Tsintsadze

At IWA there is a tradition weekly meetings at coffee/tea time: Coffee Mornings!
IWA ladies enjoy these meetings very much, as they not only bring ladies together, let them communicate, enjoy tasty food, but also introduce them to new venues, cultures and traditions.

On January 29 CM took place at Yoko Shimo’s artistic, exceptionally well designed residence in Vake. It included
three interesting presentations: Yoko‘s harmonic sound therapy in Japanese tradition (using singing rings small hammers/tiny gongs to sound a human body and tune it up to a harmonic state), Sally Ackerman’s herbal remedies and therapy, Ela‘s (Elahe Forghani) presentation on Keto diet (very conductive to losing weight) and her healthy and tasty breakfast.

All the three presentations were good for body and soul, still I was particularly impressed by Yoko’s method and her using tiny gongs/hammers as it is a tradition at Japanese temples and monasteries, where visitors beat gongs to attain unity with Higher Powers, reach harmony with universe and thus heal body and soul.
If we combine all the three presentations in full, on a regular basis, we shall definitely reach a healthy state of body and mind.

Dear Yoko, Sally, Ela, thank you for this pleasure, and enlightenment, too!