Yoko Shimo Thut
Hospitality Chair


General Monthly Business Meetings (GBM):

 it is held once a month between September to May; on Wednesday once a month. Please refer to the calendar for the date and the location. During these official meetings you will inform you on developments within IWA and you be asked to vote for specific CPC projects. We will also have short cultural programs or lectures.

Coffee Mornings:

members and – under certain conditions – non-members have an opportunity to introduce topics of professional, cultural or personal interest to other members. The host must be a member of the IWA. Non-members are also accepted if they benefit from the support of a member (upon invitation by a member). The event may include activities to share an individual interest with others, but also to promote business activities or to raise funds for non-profit activities. Coffee Mornings are a social space where creative exchanges among members and non-members of the IWA take place. 

Minimal requirements for hosting an event are:  
– location to host the event 
– coffee, tea and biscuits for 25 participants, minimum.
Average number of participants per event: between 20 – 25 people. (If you  have limited space, please inform us.)
Ordinary meeting schedule: on Wednesday between 11:00 – 13:00. 
Newcomer’s Coffee Mornings:

We organize Newcomers coffee mornings at least twice a year. These are informal coffees so that newcomers can meet each other in a smaller group and learn more about IWAG.