What We Do

Principles of CPC

Through the Charity Projects Committee (CPC), IWA Georgia improves the lives of women, children, and the elderly, as well as persons who are vulnerable, disabled, sick, and needy. This shall include the support of prevention programs. All supported projects shall fall into one of these areas of interest and must have a direct, positive effect on Georgian citizens. The money, collected by the fundraising activities of IWAG, is spent with fiduciary responsibility. Focus project 2020/2021: “Education and learning for a better future”.

Margret Schmidt
2 nd Vice President, CPC Chair


Kathleen Deery
CPC Co-Chair
Mette Hartzell
CPC Co-Chair

Charity Projects Committee – CPC 2020/2021

„We are a great team and love to support the CPC goals. Let´s work together for a better future!“

CPC members 2020-2021

 Margret Schmidt – Chair of Charity Projects Committee & IWAG 2nd Vice President

 Kathleen Derry, PhD – 1st Co-Chair;

 Mette Hartzell – 2nd Co-Chair

CPC permanently invited members:

Lila Yiannakaki-Karabalis – IWA Georgia President;

Nana Dvali – IWA Georgia Founder;

Irina Kocak – IWA Georgia Treasurer.

CPC members: 
Anush Klimczyk; Debbie Dunn; Guranda Machaidze; Kristina Petrosian; Leila Hammani-Weidel; Tina Beruchashvili