Interest Groups

Dear members of IWA Georgia, please contact for detailed information about the ongoing Interest Groups and registration.

Meaning of the icons: “play” = active group, “pause” = group is not active at the moment.

Our karate trainer is Sensei Prof. Dr. Kakhaber Markozashvili, is a former Georgian champion and since he does this for a living, the monthly fee for every participant is 50 GEL, cash or bank transfer.

As Sensei Markozashvili says: “After a couple of trainings, you will become International Warriors Association!”

These sessions would be useful not only for body shape, but also to grow strength, fight cholesterol and also knowing self defense in case of need.
There is no need for previous knowledge and is not necessary to be sporty-this course is for international and Georgian ladies of any shape and age, only for the pleasure to train together.

No need for kimono, the training takes place in comfortable sports attire.

The group meets every Friday at 3 pm in Vake Park.

Group leader: Elena Rotundu

Art group is open for everyone who likes art and hopes to find themselves through art. As a group member will have the possibility to learn and explore various techniques such as graphic art, painting and composition.

The ART GROUP meets in Dali´s Art Studio on Mondays, 11:30 am (every week).

For more information please contact Dali Nazarishivili.

Explore various artists & art movements throughout the world with slides and discussions. We will be concentrating on women artists, craftspeople & architects this fall.

The group is open for all members who are interested in Arts – monthly, Thursday, 11 am.

For more information please contact Theresa Weinheimer.

The name of the book under discussion will be sent in advance (with a link, too). You will have the opportunity to read in advance and participate in the meeting to discuss the book on the appointed day (monthly, Thursday, 10:30 am), meeting via ZOOM.

For more information and details please contact Marianna Zonenberg.

The craft group creates many items that are sold at IWA fundraising events. Proceeds from these sales are allocated to IWA supported charity projects. This group gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn something new, get a creative experience or just spend time sewing and knitting in friendly atmosphere.

For more information please contact Theresa Weinheimer and Nilufer Tezsay Beer.


The Georgian Conversation group is open for everyone regardless of their proficiency level who would like to learn one of the world’s oldest alphabets and archaic sounds as well as improve their conversational skills in Georgian. Enjoy the benefits of having Nana Shavtvaladze, the professor and author of Georgian Language books as your group leader.

Every other week, Thursday 1:15 pm.

Please contact Nana Shavtvaladze for more details.

The name of the movie under discussion will be sent in advance (with a link too). You will have the opportunity to watch it in advance and participate in the meeting to discuss the movie on the appointed day (monthly, Thursday, at 10:30 am), meeting via ZOOM.

For more information and details please contact Marianna Zonenberg.

We present dishes from a region or a country at one of our members’ homes. We also try to do international seasonal menus. For special feasts, we sometimes go to regional restaurants and explain the food or the menu selected for the occasion.
We are planning on hosting visiting Chefs.

The Culinary Adventure Group meets monthly on the 1st Thursday of the month.

Group leader: Maria Fischer

 Would you like to know more about Georgia? Once a month we meet and listen to professional lecturers and specialists on a variety of subjects connected to Georgia eg. history, music, architecture, wine etc. Please be aware that registration is necessary as we are hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Group leaders: Oya Atakan and Manana Chubinidze

The majority of the children who reside at the Infant House have physical and /or mental disabilities. If you have a professional background in education or caring for children with special needs or just want to spend time with the children please contact the group of leader Deborah Dunn.

We usually walk in green places in Tbilisi, such as Turtle lake or Botanical garden. The meeting points are announced each time through a WhatsApp group. We walk, chat and also stop somewhere for a coffee. Welcome to join the group!

Every week, Tuesday 10:30.

Group leader: Ala Turmanidze

The main purpose of this group meetings is to combine diverse conversation to improve the spoken English language.

Every other week, Friday 05:00 pm.

For more information and details please contact the Group Leader – Natela Shatirishvili.
The Fashion Group is devoted to two concepts – Personal style and fashion.

The fashion designer  Maia Bakradze shares her key tips for developing unique personal style which expresses individuality  and implements  latest fashion trends.

Weekly, Monday, 3 pm.

Group leader: Maia Bakradze

This is a group for free conversation. Having an understanding of the french language is very important to because it’s not just for beginners (Minimum level – A1).

The group will meet every Wednesday at 9:30.

Group leader is Frederique Thevenon

You are heratly invited to attend our regular yoga classes, every Friday from 11 a.m. till 13 p.m., that find place in the privat Yoga Studio at the follwing address: Kachreti Str. 

Introducing the yoga teacher: Svetlana Sophia Jahn (yoga therapist and ayurveda specialist since 2016, rehabilitation trainer since 2010, fitness trainer since 2003).

Hier you will have an opportunity to increase the mobility of your body and your energy, to increasse your stress resistance, to put questions about nutrition and healthy life style, to meet new friends and just to have a nice time.

Fee per class: 15 Lari

For more information please contact with Svetlana Sophia Jahn

We have a new opportunity to join Spanish lessons and learn basic conversation in a fun dynamic style along with latin culture.

If you have a question please contact Dumil Ramjallacksingh.

Learn arrangements of both Georgian and International songs and enjoy opportunities to perform at IWA events and choral festivals.

Weekly, Friday, 11 am.

Group leader: Nana Kalandadze

City Tour Croup members visit  a wide variety of museums and estates in Tbilisi. They see interesting historical places, have different excursions and tours to the popular places in the capital of Georgia.
For more details please contact Marika Nizharadze.
Be part of something special as we get together to enjoy a wonderful lunch in various restaurants around Tbilisi.


For more information please contact the Group Leader: Ketevan Maisashvili.
Spend some relaxing evenings while enjoying good food, good wine and good company in various restaurants around Tbilisi.

The group meets once a month.

Group Leaders: Sara Kemesci & Rhona MacDonald


You can work on coordination and rhythm along with the music. The type of music and dance will vary in each class, from disco to salsa and bachata.
Dance for Fun meets every Monday at 4:30 pm
Leader: Silvia Mera

Learn swimming and water skills for beginners and advanced (also Hydrotherapy) with equipment. 8 sessions 105GEL.

Weekly, Tuesday 12:30.

Group Leader: Nasim Mirhadi