What We Do

Principles of CPC

The work of the Charity Projects Committee (CPC) is to provide application based grants to organizations and individuals who apply to the CPC for funds of different amounts with various projects.

 Through the CPC, IWA Georgia improves the lives of women, children, and the elderly, as well as persons who are vulnerable, disabled, sick, or needy. This shall include the support of prevention programs. All supported projects fall into one of these areas of interest and must have a direct, positive effect on Georgian citizens.

Applications are open to everyone (Georgian citizens) as our primary goal is to reach those that might be excluded from all other similar opportunities. Individuals usually apply for grants to help with medical care; these are generally people/children with low or no incomes who need help to cover treatments and exhausted all other options. In this way, we can support their live saving treatments and help in other desperate situations.

Organizations often apply for educational projects, for activities that empower women, or for projects to support people that live with different disabilities.

Alll applications from everyone in need are accepted for consideration, and then it is decided, based on the available funds, where we can provide support. 

CPC funds, collected through fundraising activities, is spent with fiduciary responsibilities.

Please see below the projects that CPC could support in 2022, using the funds collected from last year’s Winter Fair and our other fundraising activities.

  • NNPL Childhood Cancer Super Heroes – first website in Georgian language helping with awareness building for parents with children with cancer
  • First Step Georgia – materials for creative club/class for children with severs and profound delay of mental development
  • Taberne Guriashi for Women – build a space and environment for women’s education in Atsana/Guria
  • Georgian Association for Equality – training and social media projects, #AllForYouth campaign
  • Georgian Society of Clinical Oncology – support of Cervical Screening Program in Guria region
  • Tolitskuri Day Care Center – purchase of a house in Khobi for Day Care for 50 children with disabilities
  • NGO Mkurnali – renewal of the roof: shelter for homeless and street children
  • ACE Women´s Tennis club – support for womens tournament with items like tennis balls, medals and cups
  • The Salvation Army Georgia – homeless soup run for the cold months, cooking food & delivering on the street
  • MAC Georgia – support for the 6th Parents Conference for people with disabilities – boxes and printing materials and delivery to 150 parents in Georgia
  • LEPL Public School Nr.200 – 50 tickets for children with disabilites to attend “Pinnocchio” Theater play
  • NK – support of medical treatment after kidney removal 
  • MS – scholarship at the Academy of International Education Tbilisi in culinary profession
  • LK – tomography and medication after Hepatitis diagnose
  • NU – liver treatment medication
  • GC – medication and hygienis items, needed for a pulmonary disease
  • AT – medical support, leukemia
  • LM – support for eye prothesis
  • LR – support for dental treatment
  • Exprisoners – support for medical consultations and medication
Irina Kocak
Daiva Kalindriene
CPC Co-Chair
Diana Koerner


Charity Projects Committee – CPC 2023-2024

„We are a great team and love to support the CPC goals. Let´s work together for a better future!“

CPC members 2023-2024

Irina Kocak – Chair of Charity Projects Committee & Treasurer
Daiva Kalindriene – Co-Chair

CPC permanently invited members:

Johanna Mühlmann – IWA Georgia President
Nana Dvali – IWA Georgia Founder
Sara Kemecsei – IWA Georgia Fundraising