Founders of IWA Georgia:
Renuka Matagne (left) and Nana Dvali (right).

The first meeting of IWA Georgia in Tbilisi in 1996.


IWA Georgia was initiated in 1996 by a group of expatriate and Georgian women living in Tbilisi. Since then, IWA Georgia has supported women, children and elderly people who are at risk due to poverty, poor health and disabilities.

In spring 2017 IWA obtained the official charity status which confers to the Organization a stronger position as an offically recognized, serious and well managed organization.

Up to now, the Organization continues to function as
a) a safety net for expat women who arrive in Tbilisi, help them settle down, find their interests, mix with Georgian women and learn about the culture and richness of their hosting country and
b) a charitable NGO that supports grass root organizations focusing on women and vulnerable groups in Georgian society.


To welcome and assist newcomers to Georgia.
To foster goodwill and friendship among its members.
To introduce them to Georgian culture by organizing cultural and social events.
To organize charitable events and fundraisers for the public benefit of Georgia.