What you will find:

  • Unique arts and Crafts: We will gather Georgian artists to showcase their magnificent talents with original and precious crafts. 
  • Fashion Quarter: This is a novelty you will not wish to miss. Be prepared to delight yourself by trying and acquiring Georgian-designed clothes. 
  • Culinary and tourism section: Gather recommendations to go beyond the beaten paths of this magnificent country and enjoy presentations and tastings of lovely Georgian wines and other packaged foods such as cheese, sweets, and tea.
  • Children’s Corner: To ensure that all family members are catered, there will be a fun and entertaining children’s corner, and several activities for the little and not that little ones.
  • Raffle: Try your luck while helping to support our charities.

The Association is a registered charity organization supporting various community projects in Georgia. These projects primarily focus on education, skills development for women, and improving the conditions of socially vulnerable children. Each project given financial support is selected with appropriate due diligence, and an elected Charity Projects Committee closely monitors its implementation.