Interest Groups

This group is a great social- and gastronomical experience sharing recipes of different countries. All participants will be involved in the process of  preparing the dish or meal under the guidance of the hosting lady. The hostess will provide all the necessary ingredients.

The CULTURAL COOKING GROUP is postponed until spring 2021.

For more details please contact Nasrin Sardari.

Art group is open for everyone who likes art and hopes to find themselves through art. As a group member will have the possibility to learn and explore various techniques such as graphic art, painting and composition.

The ART GROUP meets via WhatsApp Monday 11:30 (every week).

For more information please contact Dali Nazarishivili.

 Would you like to know more about Georgia? Once a month we meet and listen to professional lecturers and specialists on a variety of subjects connected to Georgia eg. history, music, architecture, wine etc.   Please be aware that registration is necessary as we are hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ABOUT GEORGIA GROUP is postponed until spring 2021.

For more details please contact Oya Atakan and Manana Chubinidze.

The group is open for all members who are interested in Arts. They will meet once a month and discuss different types of artwork.
The Group meets via Zoom once a month on Wednesday at 11:00.
For more information please contact Theresa Weinheimer.
The group is postponed until spring 2021.
The majority of the children who reside at the Infant House have physical and /or mental disabilities. If you have a professional background in education or caring for children with special needs or just want to spend time with the children please contact the group of leader Deborah Dunn.

The Walking Group meets once a week. The meeting points are announced each time through e-mail with a short description of the route and the time needed for the hike. The Walking Ladies enjoy the forests in the Vake area and around Tbilisi. If you have 2 hours of free time and would like to walk and enjoy the surrounding nature: the group meets on Tuesday at 10:00 (every Week)

For more details please contact Shirin Radzad.

This group is organised for members of upper-intermediate or advanced level of knowledge.

This group meets via Zoom every week on Thursday at 11:00.
For more details contact Kristina Jabornicka (new leader).
The Fashion Group is devoted to two concepts – Personal style and fashion.

The fashion designer  Maia Bakradze shares her key tips for developing unique personal style which expresses individuality  and implements  latest fashion trends.

The group meets via Zoom on Tuesday 14:00 (every other week).
For more details please contact Maia Bakradze.

Since some of our IWA members are interesting for learning the Persian dance we organized the group. The meetings are postponed until spring 2021. For more details please contact Jila Mahmoudian.

Georgia is the oldest wine producing country in the world! This group combines the visits to vineyards, learning about different wines in Georgia with the discovery of the beautiful countryside.
The group ALL ABOUT WINE meets via Zoom once a month on Tuesday at 18:30.
For more details please contact Tamari Gogatishvili.
This Group leaders welcome everybody who likes and would like to get to know Russian language and culture…
The meetings of Russian Conversation Group are postponed until spring 2021.
For more information please contact  Janna Ajemian.

The craft group creates many items that are sold at IWA fundraising events. Proceeds from these sales are allocated to IWA supported charity projects. This group gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn something new, get a creative experience or just spend time sewing and knitting in friendly atmosphere.

The Craft Group meets via Zoom every other Thursday at 10:30

For more details please contactTheresa Weinheimer.

The group leaders have an idea to Introduce the really talented Georgian Designers works to the IWA members. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet them, to see how hard they are working and get know more about Georgian culture.
The group meets once a month and will start their meetings after lockdown.
For more information and details please contact Bengü Acardak.

Every month we come together to discuss one particular book which we have chosen the month before. We engage in an active discussion, express our opinions likes and dislikes on the book and our reading experience.

The BOOK CLUB meets via Zoom on Thursday once a month at 14:00.

For more information and details please contact Kristina Jabornicka.


The Georgian Conversation group is open for everyone regardless of their proficiency level who would like to learn one of the world’s oldest alphabets and archaic sounds as well as improve their conversational skills in Georgian. Enjoy the benefits of having Nana Shavtvaladze, the professor and author of Georgian Language books as your group leader.

The GEORGIAN CONVERSATION GROUP meets regularly and via Zoom every other Thursday at 14.00.

Please contact Nana Shavtvaladze for more details.

The Evening English Conversation group is organized for ladies of all levels of English.  We invite you to spend your  evening time chatting current events happening throughout the world.

The EVENING ENGLISH  CONVERSATION GROUP is postponed until spring 2021.

The Choir Group gives you a chance to sing popular- and folk songs of different countries. Every Friday the ladies have opportunity to meet and sing together in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The CHOIR GROUP is postponed until spring 2021.

For more details please contact Nana Kalandadze and Marianna Zonenberg

City Tour Croup members visit  a wide variety of museums and estates in Tbilisi. They see interesting historical places, have different excursions and tours to the popular places in the capital of Georgia.

The City Tours Group meets once a month on Friday at 12.00.

For more details please contact Marika Nizharadze.

We are a new group of movie fans that get together once a month to watch and discuss the shown film.  We love movies and if you do too, come and join us!

The MOVIE CLUB meets via WhatsApp.

For more information and details please contact Bengü Acardak.

We are very friendly and interesting group having lunch once a month for two hours. We chose a different restaurant each month. Enjoy a fantastic meal, fun and friendship at one of our regular lunch group meeting.

The LUNCH GROUP is postponed until spring 2021.

This group will be held via ZOOM which will host  representatives of different spheres of Culture.  For more details please contact Enid Burki.