Who can join the IWA?

The IWA is open to all expatriate women residing in Georgia. Membership is also available to Georgian passport holders on the condition that Georgian membership may reflect no more than 25% of the total Members of the Association as specified in the Statue.

Associate Membership: it is defined in the Statute as a “former member of IWAG”, currently residing outside of the country of Georgia. It has different privileges and limitations from regular membership. For more information please see the statue of the IWAG.

How to Join?

The IWA working year runs from September through the following August, you may join at any time. The membership fee is discounted 50% for newcomers joining after April.

Prospective members have to fill an application form. You can download the application form from IWAG website. Recommendation for membership is required.

After completed all necessary fields and signed, you can send it via email to iwageorgia@gmail.com or deliver it in person to the Membership chair. For further information please contact membership chair.

Benefits of becoming a member of IWA?

We hold monthly general meetings and coffee mornings, organize many interest groups as well as special charity events throughout the year.

IWA members will have opportunities: to socialize with new friends and become part of a truly international community, to participate IWAG Interest Groups and learn more about Georgian social and cultural life, to volunteer in many different charity projects of the IWAG and support the local community, to receive monthly newsletter providing information about different events in Tbilisi and the Association.

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Membership Board

Tako Kikabidze
Membership Chair


Nino Kirvalidze
Membership Co-Chair